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Internet Problems Help

Internet Problems ?

Over 80% of homes and businesses are now on the internet and browse web sites everyday, so when problems start to occur it can be a major issue, not only do businesses need the internet to sell their products but school kids need the internet for studying and home work.

Many problems can affect your internet pleasures, we will list a few below:

Connection Problems, to access the internet you need an internet connection, if your connection breaks or you are unable to setup your connection you will not be able to view web sites.

Wireless Connections, these can be tricky to setup but many people are turning to wireless, if you are having problems with your wireless connection we can help, remember its VERY important to make sure your wireless network is secure.

Browser Software, we use software to view web sites like 'Internet Explorer' and 'Firefox', these programs can sometimes become corrupt and stop your viewing pleasure.

Viruses & Spy ware, if a virus or spy ware affects your machine it is very likely that they will hijack your internet browser, this will normally stop you viewing certain web sites or show you web sites you didn't want to see, you can also get lots of pop up windows appearing.

What's Next, if you are having any of the above or any other problems viewing the internet we will come to your home or office and asses the problem. Once found we can then see whether we can fix it there or in some cases we may need to bring the hardware back to our office for further diagnosis.

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